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I make Android applications mainly for myself, but sometimes others use them.

Warframe Alerts

Warframe Alerts is an app that notifies users when there is an alert in-game (in the Digital Extremes game called Warframe).

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Barcode Cache

Barcode Cache is an older app that was designed to keep and present barcodes (for things like the movies or loyalty cards from stores)

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Jaycar Shopping List

A simple app to store a list of items by their product code when shopping at Jaycar.

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Warframe Alerts

**PLEASE NOTE** This application is in no way affiliated or maintained by with Digital Extremes, nor with the Warframe Game; all Warframe-related information in this application is the property of Digital Extremes and is used only as a reference.

New Internationalisation: English and Russian Interface; German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Portuguese Alerts.

Push alerts for Warframe, designed to provide informative notifications instead of just "New Alerts".

This application simply does push notifications for Warframe alerts, it should use very little battery power since it depends on Google's Cloud Messaging Platform (which your android phone is connected to anyway).

Notifications are descriptive and notifications appear for each alert. When an alert expires if a new alert comes in it will clear the notification for the expired alert. Sound and vibrate is customisable for the alerts.

NOTE: PS4 and XB1 alerts are in the settings, this app defaults to Warframe alerts for PC, but in the settings page you can select to receive PS4 or XB1 alerts instead (or as well if you really wish).

NOTE(2): If you filter out items, alerts with only credits will still come through, to filter these out set your min credits to something really high.

Filtering can be done by planet, minimum credits or by items and are processed server-side (so your phone doesn't even need to wake up to reject a notification, more battery life for you !)

Filters are applied in order:
- Platform (PC / Playstation 4 (PS4) / Xbox One (XB1) )
- Planets (if a planet is unticked, you won't get an alert for that planet at all)
- Rewards (if the planet isn't filtered, if any reward matches, then the alert is sent)
- Credits (like rewards, if no planet filtering then if no reward matches but it's above the credit limit, the alert is sent)

- Server-based Filters (so I don't waste precious battery on your device filtering out alerts you don't want)
- Notification Sounds/Vibrate
- Pebble Support ( )

Features still to come:
- Mark as read option.

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Barcode Cache

A simple application with a simple purpose, to scan and reproduce barcodes from loyalty cards and movie tickets.

- Everyday Rewards.
- FlyBuys.
- Jaycar Trade Card.
- Online Movie Ticket Purchases.

There are many other applications that do this in different ways, I wanted something that was simple and didn't need access to all sorts of things.

This app has NO permissions required, it does however rely on Barcode Scanner (zxing), which is open sourced on Google Code.

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Jaycar Shopping List

An unofficial shopping list application for Jaycar.

Do you get to the register at Jaycar and can't remember what the product code for that relay you're purchasing is ?, was it SY4086 or SY4084 ?.

If this bugged you then you'll find this application helpful.

The use case for this application is either adding items to a shopping list before you go or adding items to a list while you're in-store to help when you get to the counter.

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